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At Caicos Express Airways, safety, comfort and convenience are the pillars of our business. With our perfect safety record, highly experienced flight crews and impeccably maintained aircraft, you will always be in safe and trustworthy hands. We offer personalized service aimed at helping you enjoy your private charter and tour experience. We pride ourselves with taking care of you, ensuring a seamless process and comfort.

Caicos Express is for…

  • Vacationers boarding or terminating a cruise in Grand Turk
  • Diving teams traveling to Grand Turk and Salt Cay
  • Travelers connecting with a major airline in Providenciales
  • Provo Vacationers wishing to get a glimpse of the family islands
  • Small groups who can’t be bothered with scheduled airlines
  • VIP/Luxury travelers

Experience the islands…

  • Grand Turk, the political capital and wonderful places for sight-seeing
  • Salt Cay, the rustic throw back to the past
  • Providenciales, the economic capital and tourism mecca
  • Middle Caicos, home of some of the largest caves in the Caribbean
  • North Caicos, the greenest island rich in plantation era history
  • South Caicos, the fishing capital with its own unique beauty

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Exotic #Tropical birds are everywhere in the Caribbean. Here is a #PicturePerfect pair!
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Caicos Express Airways
Caicos Express Airways2 days ago
Fly with us to Providenciales, a beautiful jewel in the Caribbean!
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Caicos Express Airways
Caicos Express Airways2 weeks ago
Visit our website for important baggage information for the day of your travel!
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